Discover What Great Call Center Reporting Looks Like

Sample Call Center Metrics Report

Clients of The Connection® receive a series of daily, weekly, and monthly Call Center Metrics Reports. These reports are automatically sent based on our clients' preference. In addition, we communicate on a daily or weekly basis with our clients to review and discuss these metrics.

These reports dig into the data behind our clients' calls, allowing us to provide better customer service support and help create a deeper level of engagement for our clients.

Want to monitor your team's performance and drive focus, urgency, and accountability? This starts with building systems that drive clarity, connectivity, and consistency -- and Metrics Reports provide your team with the right data to do just that.

Interested in what those reports look like?

Enter your contact information and gain access to a sample report PDF. Standard reports include important data like Average Handle Time, Average Speed of Answer, and more!

Need some help deciphering KPI's? Read our Complete Call Center Metrics Guide.