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Hiring COVID-19 Contact Tracers?  We can help.

Contact tracing is one of the oldest and most effective infectious disease interventions. Contact Tracers break the chains of transmission within communities and help prevent outbreaks before they happen.

State and County Health Departments along with Corporations are tasked with utilizing Contact Tracers to stem the virus from spreading.

Outsource to an expert. Recruiting, hiring and training Contact Tracers can be a major undertaking and time consuming. We understand the immediate need to staff this critical position and get it right. We have Certified Contact Tracers waiting to assist you.

Outsourcing COVID-19 Contact Tracers is the best option.
Hiring Contact Tracers requires an organized effort to source, recruit and onboard new employees. By relying on an expert you can eliminate the need to hire additional staff and instead are able to focus on your core business.

Complete the information form and one of our Program Managers will contact you today!