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Our mission is to make every customer interaction with our team amazing
That starts with our people, which will [hopefully] include you.

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It's so much more than answering phone calls.

Provide real value to real people and develop customer service skills that will be an asset for the rest of your career.

Here are some of the job descriptions you may have:

Be a Roadside Hero.

Field inbound calls from drivers who need your help on the roads across the U.S.

  • Provide prompt, responsive, and flawless attention to their problem.
  • Save someone's day by forwarding them to the assistance they need.
  • Comfort callers who need your help and reassurance in a scary time.
  • Turning visitors into leads.

Protect Homes from Infestation.

Schedule appointments that protect families from the damage of pest infestation.

  • Provide tips for families who need help with ridding their house of unwanted "guests"
  • Schedule appointments for the top pest control specialists in the country
  • Protect homes from pest damage by managing schedules of pest professionals

Help Families Cool Down in the Summer Heat.

Provide pool maintenance tips and manage schedules of maintenance professionals for above and in-ground backyard pools.

  • Teach families about pool maintenance and safety, from purification tips to cleaning techniques.
  • Schedule and maintain commercial pool maintenance appointments for businesses across the midwestern U.S.
  • Help families build the pool of their dreams by booking residential pool consultations.

Why Work for The Connection?

What are the benefits of working for The Connection? Great question. Regardless of whether you're applying to be a call center agent or a manager, here is a short list of benefits:

  • Flexible Hours. Whether you'd prefer to work 9-5, the night shift, or weekends, we can make that happen. 
  • Valuable Professional Skills. Call Center Agents earn a diverse set of skills, from customer service to sales.
  • Career Development. About 95% of our managerial hires come from within. In fact, the President of The Connection®, Fred Weiner, used to man the phones!
  • Competitive Pay. We pay at a competitive, incentive-based rate. In many cases, the better you perform, the better your pay! And we have regular pay increases.

Skills We're Looking For:

  • Excellent communication and people skills. We're a contact center, so regardless of your position, you'll be talking to people a lot!
  • Love for collaboration and positivity. At The Connection®, we're all about being a cohesive team. If you thrive in a team environment and are willing to be a contributing member, you're in the right place! 
  • Drive to achieve... more! We're always looking to maximize our clients' success - and their success starts with you.

We are always looking for qualified Call Center Representatives, but please click the "Find Available Jobs" button to see our full list of available positions!

Find Available Jobs